Endtable tools

Endtable tools

Here are tools for use with some of the services.

Gruby paste

To paste some text into Gruby from the command line, use the paste program:

% ./paste --help
Syntax: paste [delay]

Author: Michal Guerquin
August 2005

Read stdin, wait delay seconds (default
is 5), upload to
and show the resulting URL.

Example usage: cat /etc/passwd |
% cat paste | ./paste 3
Will paste 1015 bytes of data
3 2 1 0

This script has been updated by Kolbe Kegel to include more elaborate command line argument parsing, and a feature to paste directly to IRC channels.

GTK Paste

To paste your X server's buffer, use this X application:

You'll need PyGTK and Linux installed to use it. Look at animated demonstration, download gtkpaste-0.2.tar.gz and try it, or browse the source on Google Code.

This is my first GTK app. I challenged myself to make something useful and shareable, but later discovered that Pastebin software already exists, in particular something (confusingly) named webboard which appears to look and work in an almost identical way to my app. (But mine uses Endtable's Paste!)


To upload a large set of files to Nerdpics, use the nerdpics program:

% ./nerdpics   
Syntax: nerdpics file [file ...]

Author: Michal Guerquin
June 2005

Upload files listed as arguments to Nerdpics, Username and password
are hardcoded in the source file.

Example usage: nerdpics `find . -name *.jpg`

% ./nerdpics ~/pictures/*.jpg
Logging in to
Logged in with cookie: PHPSESSID=2mjih82ll4kj9rfi1nr47ij831; path=/
a.jpg - processing 20736 bytes
a.jpg - done at Mon Sep 12 00:19:25 2005 20201 bytes/s
b.jpg - processing 18736 bytes
b.jpg - done at Mon Sep 12 00:19:26 2005 19201 bytes/s
c.jpg - processing 21736 bytes
c.jpg - done at Mon Sep 12 00:19:27 2005 21201 bytes/s

Remember to edit the source and ensure your username and password are set correctly.

The uploaded pictures will reside in a holding area on Nerdpics. You have to still assign a location to each of them manually, but this gives you a good opportunity to annotate each picture with a title and comment.

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